natural gas

natural gas
/nætʃrəl ˈgæs/ (say nachruhl 'gas)

combustible gas formed naturally in the earth, as in regions yielding petroleum, and consisting typically of methane with certain amounts of hydrogen and other gases; used as a fuel, etc.
As an energy source, natural gas has a number of advantages. It burns without smoke or soot and has a high heat value. Environmentally, it outperforms coal and oil with fewer greenhouse gas and other emissions. In 2010-11 gas provided one fifth of Australia's final energy consumption. Australia has good reserves of natural gas although 90 per cent of the supplies are in the Carnarvon and Browse basins in offshore north-western WA and in the Bonaparte Basin on Australia's north-west continental margin – far removed from eastern seaboard markets. The bulk of domestic needs in eastern Australia is supplied from the Cooper/Eromanga basins in north-east SA and south-west Qld. Coal seam gas (gas associated with coal mining), another source of natural gas, is found in NSW and Qld, considerably closer to the large eastern Australian markets.
Demand for energy is surging world-wide and since the 2011 Japanese nuclear disaster, nuclear power has been banned or restricted in many countries. The first exports of liquefied natural gas from Australia to Asia in 2014 are predicted to become by 2017 the world's largest gas export industry.

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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